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Country Grove Preschool:
(608) 845-7988
Country Grove Preschool:
(608) 845-7988

Jungle Room (3-4 Years Old)

About the room: 

This full day program is designed for 3 and 4 year olds.
There are two teachers in the classroom with a maximum of 14 students.
The Jungle Room provides a solid academic foundation through a hands 
on approach to learning. Our Jungle Room blends social emotional 
development with an introduction to academic concepts. 
We believe that this method gives each child the opportunity for building
positive peer relationships,multisensory learning, and an individualized program
that is so important for their academic and social growth. 

About the teachers: 

Miss Andrea
Miss Andrea starting working at Country Grove in 2007.
She received her degree in Elementary Education from South Eastern University in Lakeland, Florida.

Miss Rachel
Miss Rachel started working at Country Grove in 2003.
She received her degree in Early Childhood Education from Madison College.

Daily Schedule: 

7:00     Welcome / Table Activities/ Free Choice 

8:40     Bathroom Break (diapering) 

9:00     Breakfast 

9:30     Morning Meeting/ Circle Time 

9:45     Morning Project 

10:30    Recess 

11:00     Small class project (sensory option) 

11:15     Free Choice / Bathroom Break (diapering) 

12:00     Lunch 

12:30     Nap Time 

2:30       Bathroom Break (diapering) 

3:00       Snack 

3:30       Afternoon Meeting 

3201 Tanglewood Dr. Madison, WI 53719